Advance: Here are cardinal tiny Ditties, auditory communication rhymes, if they do not variety considerably sense, well, don't get mad, it's that nature of music, you know, what is out there, best do not gross any sense, and if I made sense, I'd be the lonesome one. So it is go beside the pour auditory communication today, and knees-up.

The Boom box song

No doubt, no doubt, delight don't shout

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I can chirrup this song, retributive suchlike you

Just curved shape on the thunder box, and

We'll get along, we can both

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Sing the Boom box opus.

Three freaky guys and a girl

In the boom box world,

What can you say?

Just turn around on the boom box

And we'll stage show.

No doubt, no doubt, make happy don't shout

I can pipe up this song, of late similar you

Once in the boom box world

With a roaring box girl

#2218 2-4-2008

The Jelly Music Song

Jelly, jelly, on my bread

Thought of you in my head,

I estimate I'll eat you piece in bed;

(second accepted wisdom)

Jelly, preserves music, helps me sleep

Don't be resembling those small creeps

That chow insignificant food...instead.

Jelly, jelly, John Huling sings,

Looks charitable of creepy, creepy, slope to me...

New Age stuff, for a new coop bluff!

Jelly, conserves what I can say

I chew over I'll eat jam today


#2217 /2-4-2008

The Moondog Song

Ha Moondog what do you say

Ha Moondog get out of my way

Ha Moondog what did you do...?

Got to play

The man did say

Got to play, play,

The morning woodwind instrument...

Ha Moondog it's exploit cold

Ha Moondog don't be so bold

Ha Moondog you ready and waiting for spring?

To warming those fingers next to those

Big diamonds rings?




(Play it again Sam!)

#2216 (2-3-2008)

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